Informal French Expressions and their English Equivalents

Gunnar has published a book on which he has been working for many years. The book’s appeal is that the register (informal, slang, vulgar…) of many of the French expressions are translated into English terms of the same register. This book is indispensable for anyone wanting to speak like native French speakers and for anyone in need of an unconventional dictionary for translation work. The book can be found here:

Common French Idioms and Colloquialisms

Common French Idioms and Colloquialisms

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FrenchFlicks, pour trouver le film que vous souhaitez aux USA

Gunnar Sewell:

Une bonne liste de films français qui sont disponible aux Etats-Unis

Originally posted on French Again, Juliette Bourdier:

Pour les étudiants qui recherchent des films à voir

Je vous conseille :

La liste des films français en Streaming sur Netflix : Liste Netflix

Launched in July 2013, is the first website to list all the French frenchflickmovies released and shown in the US. Don’t miss the latest Jean Dujardin movie, the film series about Juliette Binoche, or the special screening of Amélie in a theater near you ! For each French movie, you will be able to know in which cities it is playing and its showtime. will also keep you updated about every French film festival in the US. And don’t miss our weekly review of a French movie available on Netflix Instant Play. is both in French and English in order to promote French cinema in the US to Americans and also to all French-speaking people that live in the US.

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Book Review: The Brothers Karamazov

Gunnar Sewell:

Review of Dostoyevski’s chef-d’oeuvre The Brothers Karamazov, a must read.

Originally posted on Stray Thoughts:

KaramazovDostoyevsky is one of those people I’ve thought about reading for a long time, but his works tend to be pretty chunky volumes. However, I did read somewhere not long ago that his books are actually fairly easy to get into, so when I saw his The Brothers Karamazov on Carrie’s Reading to Know Classics Book Club list, that seemed like the perfect opportunity to give him a try. This book is the selection for August, but I kept thinking it was coming up in July and I wanted to get a head start on it, so I started listening to the audiobook some weeks back and just finished it a few days ago. I wanted to go ahead and write a review wile it was still fresh in my mind.

The first of the title brothers is Dmitri, also called Mitya, the oldest (about 28 when the book begins)…

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